Students will learn to

Write a number for a sentence for a picture.

write a number for given addends.

Identify and use the commutative property of addition and the Identity property of addition.

Addition stories

Identify and solve some and some more problems.

Find a missing addend in a number sentence

Addends - the numbers added in an addition problem that are combined to form a sum.

addition - an operation that combines two or more numbers to find a total number.

Commutative property of addition - changing the order of addends does not affect their sum. in symbolic form, a + b b + a Subtraction is not commutative.

Identity property of addition - The sum of any number and 0 is equal to the initial number. In Symbolic form a + 0

a. The number 0 is referred to as the additive identity.==

Number Sentence A complete sentence that uses numbers and symbols, but not words.

Sum - the result of addition.